iOS 7 app icon sizes and misc. information

I wanted to create a one-stop guide for the icon sizes that are required for any app submitted to the app store and one that is compiled with base sdk iOS 7.x and targeting iPhones and iPad devices. The below table is an exercise for exactly that. Also included is some miscellaneous information that may come in handy.


The ‘Image name’ row is just a file naming convention for the resources that you use for a particular device type.

Although iPhone 5, iPad 3rd and 4th gen are no longer being sold by Apple, I decided to keep them in the table since they use the same set of icons as iPhone 5C/5S and iPad Air respectively (which are being sold by Apple as of this day).

For more information, you can refer to Apple’s own documentation:


3D dragging in iOS using Core Animation

I recently installed an app on my iPhone called ‘Taasky’

It is a simple task manager to create and manage your to-do lists. Despite the simple functionality it is ordained to do, the UI is beautiful and intuitive and the animations are elegant. One particular animation from the app struck a chord with me. It was a 3D dragging of a view from the top when you pull down your main view to create a task. I have recently started learning Core Animation programming in iOS and wanted to emulate this particular animation of Taasky as best as I can.

The result is my HV3DDrag project on github:

And here is a video of the animation in action that the HV3DDrag project achieves:


Please checkout the project on github and do let me know through your comments if you have any feedback.